Car Detailing Packages

Anaheim Car Detailing Packages

They say that everything’s better in pairs, but we like to go a step further and group them by more than that, at Anaheim Car Detailing we know that many customers aren’t just coming in for one service and then making their way out, and so in our spirit of bringing the most cost effective means of car detailing, we bring our services together in packages to give you the best prices on bulk services, getting you all the work you need done for one low price.

Basic Packages

For those looking for a cleaning inside and out without all the bells and whistles, then this package is for you, bringing you our anything but basic services to have your car coming into our shop in the condition it is, and leaving the lot looking beautiful inside and out. When you’re just looking to spruce up the look of your vehicle, and need a quick and affordable solution, then looking into this package may be just the right step for you. Whatever the level of service you need, you can be sure that we provide.

Luxury Packages

For those looking to bring back the showroom shine your car once had, whether new or a classic, you can depend on our Anaheim auto detailing to bring you the services you need. With our luxury detailing package you get it all, inside cleaning, outside, wax, and more to make your vehicle look like it’s ready to hit the showroom floor along with it’s brand new counterparts. This package is great for those heading to car shows, or looking to start off the year with a great looking vehicle. We bring the finest level of detail in this package while still keeping prices affordable.

Exterior Packages

Whether you’ve just come off the road, or are heading out onto the road and want the outside of your vehicle to look it’s best, then one of our exterior packages is the combination you’re looking for. We bring you a full cleaning of your vehicle, from panels to grilles, wheels and rims and more to ensure that your cars exterior looks amazing and is ready to turn heads wherever it goes. We also bring you our quality wax treatment to seal in that shine and to protect your vehicle from further dirt and mud.

Interior Packages

If you’re taking the RV out for the summer, getting your bus ready to pick up the kids, or simply want your daily commute to be in the cleanest environment possible, then an interior cleaning and detailing package from Anaheim Car Detailing is the way to go. We bring you all the thorough service with fine attention to detail that you would expect from Anaheim Car Detailing to have the interior of your vehicle looking it’s absolute best. When you want to feel clean inside your vehicle, then an affordable interior package from our professionals will prove that for you, allowing you to hit the Anaheim streets in comfort.

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