Interior Cleaning

Anaheim Car Detailing Interior Cleaning Services

Bringing a fully detailed cleaning to the inside of your car can give you a totally different experience when behind the wheel. They say that we are products of our environment, and when your vehicles interior environment is sharp and clean, it can really make you enjoy your commute a lot more. At Anaheim Car Detailing we bring you the interior cleaning service you need to feel good behind the wheel, and bring back the memories of when you first bought your car.


For upholstered interior car owners, you know the gripe of this material. For as comfortable as it can be, and the durable functionality of it has appeal, it does have one major flaw in it’s retentive qualities. Keeping hold of every last crumb and stain until they’re dealt with, and fortunately for you dealing with these items is a speciality of ours. We bring you the quality interior shampooing you need to restore and revitalize the interior of your car, bringing back it’s fresh and clean look and having you drive in comfort on these Anaheim roads once again.

Dash Detailing

Perhaps the one item in our car that we see more than anything is the dash. We are constantly fiddling with buttons, watching gauges and swapping radio channels, so looking down and seeing dust build up and dirt can give make you feel as if your entire vehicle is dirty, even if it’s not. At Anaheim Car Detailing we bring our full attention to your dash during our interior cleaning to ensure that every aspect of it is fully taken care of. From steering wheels to air vents, you can rely on us to bring you a thorough and complete service.

Leather Surfaces

Though not as attractive to stains and such as upholstered options are, over time leather can begin to fade in appearance and seem dull and lifeless. We bring you the polish and shine back to your leather interior that you enjoyed when you first picked out your vehicle. With the right products wielded by the trained professionals, you can be sure that we will restore life to your leather, and have you riding in comfort once more. No matter the surface type or style of vehicle, you can rely on Anaheim Car Detailing to bring you the best in leather cleaning services.

Floors and Mats

The floors of our vehicles are the settling points of almost everything that comes into your vehicle. From sand and dirt from shoes, to food and spare change, it’s amazing what you can find down there when you really look. This also means that these areas need some of the most attention when it comes to an interior cleaning. At Anaheim Car Detailing we bring you the attention to detail you need to ensure that your car interior looks amazing from top to bottom, dashboard to floor mats and more. When you need a thorough and high quality car detailing in Orange County California, then you need to call Anaheim Car Detailing.

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